Prada Bag

prada bag
Long sleeved grey top: Topshop
Black skinny jeans: Topshop
Black boots: Office

Bag: Prada from Eurotrash


I’m soooooo happy with my new purchase!IMG_0071I bought this gorgeous black Prada bag and I’m in love. I’ve been after a decent bag that I can use every day FOREVER and now I’ve finally met THE ONE.IMG_0074This bag is nice and big without being ridiculous; I do have smaller bags that I like to use but sadly they’re not suitable if I’m reading a larger book or need to carry extra layers with me.IMG_0072The bag is comfy and even though it’s designer it’s not so pristine perfect that you’re worried about travelling on public transport with it or walking around with it without a body guard. This is a problem I have with my Givenchy Antigona bag and was one of the reasons I didn’t buy one of Miu Miu’s Maltelasse bags.IMG_0073Also as it’s black it goes with EVERYTHING, bonus points for having some gold on it. AND it’s PRADA!IMG_0066I bought this bag from Eurotrash image1xxlHonourable mention on my hunt for the perfect black bag goes towards Zadig and Voltaire’s City Sunny Leather Handbag- beautiful leather, colours and details which I very almost bought but changed my mind as it looked too much like a gym/weekend bag.image4xxl-1 image3xxl image2xxl I also really like this Kurt Geiger bag (black, gold AND a chain!) but was unable to hunt it down.tumblr_mvyofuakyj1rmfv8to1_500



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