Rock chick

Rock chick

Urban Outfitters crop shirt
26 AUD –

Frame Denim blue skinny jeans
295 AUD –

Yves Saint Laurent studded purse
2 570 AUD –

Urban Outfitters 2 finger ring
18 AUD –

Yesterday I bought these gorgeous light tan stilettos by Siren, they do wonders for your posture and are a much needed wardrobe staple that my incomplete outfits have desperately been missing. So to get some inspiration for potential outfits I could create with these shoes I had a look at some of Kim Kardashian’s post Kanye make over looks where she wears tan heels (I seriously love her style at the moment) and was inspired by the following outfit:
It’s great to see Kim in a more casual look, and the nude pumps make her outfit more look more chic and make her legs look great.
I realised that I could do a similar look to this with my Urban Outfitters T shirt, although I don’t own any light blue skinny jeans at the moment so I’m on the hunt for a pair. I thought my 2 finger ring also from Urban Outfitters would look good with this and this gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent Betty bag- which I’ve been in love with forever would complete the look.

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