Jennifer Lopez On the Floor Make Up

photo (17)

photo (30)

Today I tried out a Jennifer Lopez “On the Floor” make up tutorial and I’m really happy with the results. Normally I shy away from using brown eye make up as it doesn’t really seem to do anything for my eyes, but this one worked and it gave me some inspiration of how to do a sixties smokey eye. I didn’t bother doing all the contouring in the video as I don’t have lots of different coloured foundations and concealer plus I have freckles so I didn’t really want to cover them up. Next time I do this I might use a primer to make applying the liquid eyeliner easier. Sorry about the lack of photos today my hair is really greasy so I just wanted to do a close up of the eye make up.

Here is the make up that I used:

photo (16)

DIORSHOW_EXTASE_Mascara_1368180028dipbrow_ash_brown_E75K_lultrabalm-500x500IMG_4143M51501M2503H6M31A27M38022M1G6186791050_Colour_02 Medium_fs_1


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