Modern Gothic Make Up Tutorial

Photo on 20-09-2015 at 17.48

I’ve been dying to try this tutorial out for ages as I bought Mac’s Cyber lipstick ages ago but couldn’t ever find a makeup look to go with it. I tried out Mac’s cream colour base today which looks gorgeous on but unfortunately despite using a primer moves into the crease fairly quickly, so I might just have to find similar colours in a powder to use instead.

I didn’t follow the tutorial fully as I haven’t done my eyebrows or put anything on my skin apart from some concealer. I decided to use some black pencil eyeliner whereas the tutorial doesn’t call for it as I felt like my eyes needed better definition.

This is the make up that I used:

DIORSHOW_EXTASE_Mascara_1368180028ultrabalm-500x500186791050_Colour_02 Medium_fs_1MPX828101099_largeM3EW09M38058MM8N49MM8N05

If I was to do this look again I’d also use:



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