Naked Smoky Palette/Rihanna Make up Tutorial

Photo on 28-09-2015 at 17.03

Inspired by Pixiwoo and due to owning a lack of different eye shadow colours I decided to buy the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette. I’m really excited to get stuck in and try out all the different (5)Photo on 28-09-2015 at 15.28

Today was my first play with it so I decided to follow one of Pixiwoo’s tutorials:

I don’t have a blue eye pencil so I just used some of the Dagger eyeshadow under my eye instead.

Here is the make up that I used:

photo (1)

DIORSHOW_EXTASE_Mascara_1368180028M51501dipbrow_ash_brown_E75K_lultrabalm-500x500MPX828image1xl186791050_Colour_02 Medium_fs_13605970970116_nakedsmoky_alt2


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