Oversized Rollneck with Side Slits


I figured out how to use the self timer on the DSLR I’m currently borrowing, annoyingly it doesn’t autofocus on self timer mode hence why some of these pictures are out of focus, so in future I’ll try manual focusing before I take the pictures or when I buy my own DSLR make sure I get a remote.

I bought this gorgeous long roll neck ages ago, inspired by all the amazing Kim Kardarshian knit wear/roll necks she’s been rocking fairly recently, but I didn’t have any clothes that really went with it, so it just hung redundantly in my wardrobe for a while. It took me ages to find the “perfect” pair of skinny jeans (thanks to having a smaller waist but bigger rear and thighs) but now I finally have and my gorgeous Siren nude pumps complete the look- et voila!_DSC0043

Makeup: Urban Decay Everyday Smoky Makeup

asilio-opening-act-knit-fox-maiden-g12rsads300_mediumstonewashindigoEnvy_lt_tan_lea_aa I_194463788_00_20150423

Ring: The French Jewelbox



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